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Orient Mako USA II

Posted by Takeshi Amano on

If you love Mako orient watches then brace yourself for you are about to get the most amazing Mako watch ever to be released to date by Orient; which is the Orient Mako USA II. This watch is basically a combination of the two mako watches that came before it; these Mako watches being the Orient Mako II and the Orient Mako USA. These previous two versions of Mako watches were already a household name to watch enthusiasts for their sapphire crystal, their dials which have an exemplary performance, and their case upgrades like for instance bracelets with solid end links.

The Orient Mako USA II has refined features like a better movement which was the one feature that many Mako watch buyers wanted to see in a Mako watch. The Orient Mako USA II has the caliber F6922 automatic movement as opposed to the Orient 46943 movements which were present in the older versions of Mako watches. This new caliber movement is favorable when compared with older movements because it allows the removal of the extra pusher at two o’clock. This pusher played the purpose of adjusting the day of the week function. Now with just a simple single crown, you can wind the watch manually and then make easy adjustment of the day of the week.

The new caliber F6922 movement has a reserve of power that can last for approximately two days and operates at 3HZ. This new movement also makes the watch to have a much better look because there is no pusher sticking out of its side. The Orient Mako USA II has a water resistance of 200 meters and measures 41.5mm wide with a thickness of 13mm. The legibility on the dials is much better in the Orient Mako USA II than its predecessors because of its luminova lume. The Orient Mako USA II is available in three different dial colors which are black, white and blue. It’s one of the best orient watches to hit the market so take a chance on it and see for yourself what it is made of. 

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